Progneur: Optimizing Business value in Semiconductor and PLM Domain

CIOReview Team | Monday, 20 February 2017, 09:09 IST

Companies engaged in the design and fabrication of semiconductors face challenges like complex and costly development processes, shorter TTM and consumer pressure to include more features. To remain competitive and keep pace with technology breakthroughs and consumer preferences, these companies must maintain high levels of flexibility and innovation, or risk losing valuable market share. This calls for a design solutions provider who has ample expertise in this field. 

Headquartered in Gurgaon, Progneur believes in helping customers meet their business objectives. The company provides services in Semiconductor, Embedded & PLM systems. They provide solutions for Complex SoC, ASIC and FPGA’s. In addition to offering embedded system services in the areas of Device driver development, Firmware development & Network software development on various flavors of Linux, Android & Windows, they specialize in providing PLM consulting, implementation, integration customization, migration & support services. 

The success of PLM implementation depends on the right translation of industrial objectives into PLM needs and requirements. The company, while investing and focusing extensively on the requirements’ collection and solution design phase to lay a strong foundation for the solutions to be developed, also provides effective mapping of Business processes and data management to ensure customer’s success. 

Providing System to Silicon Solutions
Harboring quality experience in assisting global semiconductor companies in developing cutting-edge products, Progneur today banks on its extensive knowledge and rich technical experience in delivering world class solutions to its clientele. Progneur’s potential spans the IC Design spectrum from RTL Design and Verification to Physical Implementation. Further, Progneur has capability to deliver in Digital, Mixed Signal, Analog and low-power designs. Progneur stands out by providing both software and hardware services to its customers.

Global Presence and Understanding Local Culture
With more and more Semiconductor companies going global, the development teams are getting dispersed and the global team-based development process differs significantly from local development process in addition to the different time zones and distances that make communication more difficult. This is where Progneur has an edge over others because of its presence in US, UK, India & Singapore. They are able to assist semiconductor companies in their global programs from US, Europe to APAC in developing advanced products. Progneur is able to attract local technology specialists worldwide in time which is critical for project success. Their Global IC design is done by several teams which are often spread globally in different geographies. 

The Collaborative Design and Specialized Quality Assurance Services
Progneur helps customers take care of their product design and development challenges. Progneur is able to assist customer with collaborative PLM deployment that spans various functions right from the concept to manufacturing. This is very important to increase ROI from PLM systems and to reduce time-to-market. Further, the company lays special emphasis on Quality Assurance that helps to find major issues before production rollouts.Company’s certified testers and in-house team aid in high quality solution delivery.

The Investment and Time-to-Market Disquietude
Progneur’s specialized and on schedule PLM implementation increases the reliability and effectiveness of PLM while ensuring ample ROI without compromising the TTM. The company’s PLM services allow the clients to extract high value as data flows seamlessly to ERP, which in turn allows their clientele to come up with means to exchange data with their suppliers. The company lets organizations link their PLM solutions with business systems like SAP, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and many other business applications.Progneur offers its project delivery in three modes; On-site, Off-site, and a combination of both.

Progneur in the offing
With more and more companies going international, the concept of Compliance Management is becoming complex as different countries having different compliance requirements call for strict adherence of compliance policies. However, Progneur is quite sure of its blueprint for the futureby developing a robust strategy to overcome compliance and investment predicaments.

When asked on how the company would differentiate itself from its peers, Arun Satija, MD, Progneur says “With the recent acquisitions of Prion & PCO Innovation, PLM users are looking for a mid-sized focused, flexible and a prompt player who is capable of providing reliable high value solutions. Progneur is well equipped to fill this gap in the PLM space.” He further adds that while preparing to diversify in the Telecom domain, they have an unwavering focus on the American market which is the hub for semiconductor companies and the German market that cradles the major automobile industries. The company has also made plans to spread its footprints along Germany, Netherlands and Sweden. 

Considering the rate at which Progneur covers its ground on its client satisfaction while maintaining a keen eye on the changing market trends and requirements, it is obvious that the company is on a roll. In the coming years, Progneur plans to gear up further to help many large to mid-level companies in harnessing the true power of Semiconductor, Embedded and PLM software implementations across all businesses.

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